Fart Proof Underwear

Now you can let the old taco dinner and pea soup waft out freely in public without worrying about wrinkled noses and dirty looks.

Do you suffer from flatulence, but can not or will not hold in you intestinal gases? The American company Under-Tec may have the product for you: undergarments designed to remove the odor from your farts.

Your Prayers Have Been Answered

Now you can finally let out a silent but deadly one on the bus without worrying about the girl in the next seat smelling what you had for dinner last night.

Praise from flatulent consumers have been pouring in. “Thank you. You saved my life. Now I can go to school without worrying. ” states one person, “They really work for me! My prayers have been answered.” states another.

No Joke!

Inventor and Under-Tec president Buck Weimer ignores the laughter and insists that his Anti-Flatulence Underwear is meant to be a serious product:

“We hear a lot of jokes, but we do not doubt for a second that this is a product that has its mission” he says.

Weimer says his Anti-Flatulence Underwear can be used anywhere; in bed, at work, at parties or on the go—such as on board an airplane.

Under-Tec believes their fart-proof underpants are a solution to a serious problem. And we can’t exactly disagree with that assessment; too many people have been chased from their couches as a result of emissions caused by an unsavory combination of taco dinner and cheese doodles.

Lasts for Months

The undergarments—which come in various sizes for both men and women—have a built-in replaceable filter made of felt, charcoal and fiberglass wool.

To prevent gases from escaping past the filter, the underpants are made of an airtight material and sealed with elastic bands around the waist and thighs.

The fart-proof underpants can be machine washed and the filters have a shelf life of weeks to months, depending on use and how often they are washed.

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