Did He Survive?

The American ski stunt performer Julian Carr prepared this jump for several months. He knew that every little detail had to be accounted for so that the jump from a 210 feet high cliff would be successful.

Already in the previous summer he was on the plains below the rock wall to study the landing conditions. Julian wanted to be absolutely sure that there were no hidden rocks under the snow.

The Day of the Jump

When winter came, and a layer of three feet of snow covered the ground, the day finally arrived. He made sure his speed was adequate as it was important to get far from the rock wall. He did a somersault which went perfectly and as he fell he also had luck.

Triggered an Avalanche

The 29-year-old triggered an avalanche as he kicked off of the cliff edge. The snow that cascaded down the rock wall reached the landing site before the daredevil and helped give him a soft and comfortable landing. He walked away without injury.


Photos: PR

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